Education 2.0

New generation

School is a very important individual passage and plays a vital role in development and intellectual growth. However, since nearly 150 years, the school has hardly evolved. Students sit in front of desks and listen carefully to their teacher. Comparing schools to different industries, no progress has been made in a century and a half.

VR education helps
develop manual skills earlier

Feel and live the lesson

VR education can replace textbooks
through interactive educational experiences.
For subjects such as history, biology, physical science, or
geography, this medium could be much more suitable
than a printed book and less heavy for the student.

Students had the opportunity to use virtual reality to
learn went to school early for the pleasure of using this
technology and the VR educational applications.
Students can develop skills manually very early without
exposing oneself to danger.

VR education can make school more fun

All children love to play. Unfortunately, at present, the
school is often austere and boring. Thanks to VR, it
is possible to make education more fun and to allow
children to learn while having fun. Thus, they will
remember longer what they learn.

For example, a child interested in mechanics may learn
to change an engine in a virtual environment. He will be
able to develop his passion and skills sooner and faster.